Facts and myths about BIM


Facts and myths about BIM


It is a myth that implementing BIM is expensive

The implementation of new technologies requires additional costs, but nowadays the training subsidies present on the market are at your fingertips. We should treat science as an investment in our development. If we do not      see the desire to develop, the problem is not about BIM, but about how to manage the team.

It is a myth that software is expensive

More and more software and companies, that are helping to implement BIM, are appearing on the market. At the initial stage of development, we can opt for cheaper software in order to test BIM on a pilot project. The most important is to recognize our needs and introduce BIM where it will bring us the most benefits. If we manage the company’s portfolio well, we will find savings that will allow for a safe start.

So how do you reconcile wonderful, experienced designers who, for good reasons, resist learning software with young, knowledgeable graduates? – Allow them to work together as a team. The graduate will show new technological solutions or functions, and an experienced designer will present a concept that they will implement together.

It is a myth that BIM is badly received in a team

Implementing BIM requires a certain style of thinking. We should not make responsible for the implementation of BIM the person, who usually does not leave their comfort zone, can-not accept changes, therefore, they will quickly reject BIM and say: “This is not for us”.

It is better to entrust the implementation of BIM to a person who is a type of “researcher”. He analyzes the market, the company’s needs, the approach to a given project, he initiates, he prepares the environment within the team and then he implements BIM technology.

It is a myth that BIM projects are expensive

BIM projects are not expensive. It is about awareness that the risk of BIM technology and some of the costs were transferred from the construction phase into the first stage of the project, the design. Therefore, the projects are not more expensive but enriched with information and content, which saves time and costs during the construction phase.

Using examples, the BIM project is a recipe for a cake that we bake, knowing exactly how many and which ingredients we need.

Let’s think, why are some investments very cheap compared to BIM?. It is a bit like comparing a creepy car to a Mercedes. We try not to participate in such discussions. Quality, timeliness and lack of contractual penalties explain everything according  to us. At the same time, the low price is always followed by an increased risk of unplanned costs or design changes. 

Due to the huge benefits, BIM will gain an advantage, which is why such experience will become crucial when choosing contractors.

However, all within the limits of common sense. Let’s consider whether the fact that we will estimate design hours more expensive because we have invested in training is following the principle of fair play? 

This way of thinking is a vicious circle. Personally, I think it is not fair to burden the client with the fact that we invest in a company.

The fact is that BIM is very well received in the younger generation

Students and graduates show great interest in new technologies. A large proportion of architects and builders, in addition to engineering skills, also demonstrate IT skills. Such people should certainly be noticed and allowed to develop towards a BIM Specialist or BIM Manager.

Facts and myths – summary

The above information is the observations that I collected while working in a different design environment. My final thoughts usually come down to one. A company is people and people are a company. If we influence people’s development, we will influence the company’s development.

Magdalena Owczarek
Project Manager


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