BIM – Building Information Modeling or Building Information Management? IT is all about information

Currently, we are dealing with a different approach to the subject of BIM. It is an incredibly developing and intriguing experience, because by exchanging opinions with experts, we can encounter…
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Frequently asked questions about bim part.1

1.How does BIM work?  BIM is a multidimensional knowledge resource that aims to gather information about objects. This information is a reliable basis for decision making throughout objects’ life cycle.…
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Is BIM education needed? Is BIM just a learning software?

Have you ever wondered who invented BIM building information modeling? Professor Chuck Eastman can probably be considered as its inventor, who since the 1970s, has been performing research  and writing…
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Why BIM is important?

BIM means Building Information Modeling, it is obviously an intelligent solution for construction, architecture and related industries. Bim allows a lot of possibilities, solutions, that are applicable almost anywhere.  Just…
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Facility management in BIM

…so maybe BIM in the Facility Management? Property management creates constant challenges for the manager. Its task is to constantly optimize the operational cost of the facility. And there is…
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Facts and myths about BIM

It is a myth that implementing BIM is expensive The implementation of new technologies requires additional costs, but nowadays the training subsidies present on the market are at your fingertips.…
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Revit Families, BIM Objects

In principle, new solutions are designed to make our work easier and easier. So, to simplify and speed up our work, we use ready-made solutions provided to us by producers…
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We want to implement BIM

Why are we discouraged when implementing BIM? Why do we abandon it thinking that it didn’t work out?  Problem: WE WANT TO IMPLEMENT BIM. Why do you want to implement…
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